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Aluminum Crane Systems (Monorail, Single Girder, Double Girder & Telescope Type)

Single and double girder crane systems for easier load handling

NOVA are market leaders in the design and manufacture of cost-effective aluminium overhead crane systems that improve the flow of material and provide easier load handling.

With a wide variety of crane systems, lifting units and components, we are able to configure a bespoke material handling system that meets the unique needs of each individual production line. Our single and double girder crane systems have been designed to make light work of lifting and transporting material along a production line and covering areas.
Single girder crane system Double Girder Crane with bridge for covering areas

Single and double girder cranes for easy material transportation

The single girder crane provides easy to use, blanket coverage for material transportation. With a low profile, it is easy to install in facilities where building height may be an issue and is flexible to meet almost any requirement.

The double girder crane provides a solution for overall coverage and the transportation of heavy loads. It has an elevated hook height using two parallel crane beams with the chain hoist support fitted in between.

The single and double girder crane systems can be configured with other systems and components in the NOVA range to create a complete material handling system to meet the exact needs of each process.

Double girder crane system with telescopic beam

The NOVA single girder crane is also available with a telescopic bean, which assists with reaching areas previously inaccessible. In its elevated version, it is also suitable for environments with low head room.

Discover our lightweight and quiet single and double girder crane systems today

Constructed from aluminium, both the single and double girder crane systems are much lighter than traditional steel systems, which means that they can be installed without the need to reinforce your existing building’s structure. In addition, aluminium trolleys run much quieter and smoother than steel systems, making them ideal for a mixed office/production line environment.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about our single and double girder cranes, or would like to discuss your production line requirements, please call us on +8657182759804 or email us at